Android Distribution for May 2016: Marshmallow Hits 7.5%


Google has rolled fresh stats of the Android Distribution across the Globe for the month of May. Android Distribution Tablet has received a tremendous growth in the Marshmallow from 4.6 % to 7.5%.

android distribution may-2016Similarly, as like of last month, Marshmallow is increasing in a pretty good manner. This happened due to the rollout of the latest version of the Android on flagship devices from various OEMs.

Also, there’s some bad news for older version. Lollipop dropped to 35.6% (from 35.8%), KitKat slightly changed to 32.5% (from 33.4%), Jelly Bean to 20.1% (from 22.3%), Ice Cream Sandwichv loses to 2.0% (from 2.2%), and Gingerbread to 2.2% having a slow death (from 2.6%). Froyo remained at 0.1%.


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