There’s no doubt when it comes to comparing the two most widely used smartphone operating systems, namely Android and iOS as to which one’s better. Android wins by a fair margin. However, in Q2 2016 Android proved not only to be the most used smartphone OS in India, it did that at a whooping 97%.

Android dominates

According to a market research firm Strategy Analytics, the number of Android users in India represent a staggering 97.1% of all the smartphone users in Q2 2016 which is a significant rise from the 90% recorded in Q1 2016.

Talking about numbers, of the total 30.7 million smartphone units shipped to the country, 29.8 million were Android smartphones.

This is what Neil Mawtson, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics had to say:

“Android shipped 29.8 million smartphones in India in Q2 2016, growing an impressive 28 percent annually from 23.2 million units in Q2 2015.¬†Android maintained first position across India with a record 97 percent OS share for the quarter, up from 90 percent a year ago. Android dominates the India smartphone market and looks unbeatable right now, due to its deep portfolio of hardware partners, extensive distribution channels, and a wide range of low-cost apps like Gmail.”





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