Android Experiments 2016 I/O Challenge is Here


As like of last summers, Google once again is here with Android Experiments 2016 I/O Challenge. It is a showcase of creative Android projects, and an open invitation for all developers to submit their own experiments to the gallery. The first 3 winners will get ticket to the Google I/O 2016.

2016 Android Experiments I/O Challenge

Developers can upload the working the following forms – from live wallpaper, to watch faces, to interesting hacks of the IOIO board.

Here’s detailed overview and the unique capabilities of the Android platform in an innovative way. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Creative uses of Android’s new or distinctive features
  • Projects that explore how we interact with our devices, in small and big ways
  • Unique visual aesthetics
  • Open source projects that inspire other developers
  • Surprise us – we want to see the amazing things you’re cooking up

Google Experiments is now live. So guys get ready for the action and upload your work. Also, it is a chance for the developers who were unable to get the tickets to IO 2016.

Source: Google Developers


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