Well a few days ago Facebook released a much needed update for Android users the app brings a whole new UI, and is said to be much faster and easier to use. Now the Photos and albums will be up to two times faster than the previous Android app. It’s said to be easier to share photos, view comments and edit captions on the go.Also you can quickly access your News Feed, Groups, games and apps from the new left-hand menu. The features you use most are now at your fingertips.Facebook for Android is available on Android Market. I am excited about the new app and have been using it since it’s release on my Dell Streak 7 , and I hope you check it out.

  1. What’s in this version:
  2. Navigate anywhere, fast: Get to your groups, apps, pages, and settings with a single press
  3. Search and you will discover: Look through friends, subscribers, apps, and pages
  4. See your friends tags on pictures and zoom: New photo viewing experience
  5. Faster notifications: Get alerted in real time with new push notifications
  6. Games & Apps: Play games and access your favorite apps on the go
  7. Access to mobile timeline (If you already have a timeline)
  8. Access to friend lists and subscriptions


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