Android M Developer Preview Announced: Full Features Listed


Android M announced by Sundar Pichai at Google IO 2015. There are lot of new features that are embedded into the new version and now has refined the Android L.

Google M

Here are some things that have been revamped, re launched:

App Permissions:

Now you can give the permissions while using that feature in the particular app. You don’t need to give or grant additional permissions while installing it. Apps can trigger requests for permissions at runtime, in the right context, and users can choose whether to grant the permission. Making permission requests right when they’re needed means users can get up and running in your app faster. Also, users have easy access to manage all their app permissions in settings. On M, as a developer, you should design your app to prompt for permissions in context and account for permissions that don’t get granted. As more devices upgrade to M, app permission behavior will be a critical development flow to test.

Web Experience:

Now new web experience is here, Chrome Custom Tabs that’s designed to improve the mobile web browsing experience. If you’re big on reading through Facebook, you will likely have noticed that the app no longer sends you off to do your thing with the help of third-party browser, and instead does everything within Facebook. This very same type of functionality is coming to apps (Pinterest being confirmed), allowing third-party developers to bake in such functionality within their apps. The heavy-lifting will be done with Chrome, though the interface will remain consistent with the app’s design.


Android Pay:

It is a replacement / rebranding of Google Wallet, which the company hopes will do better than Google Wallet in the battle against Apple Inc. Pay and other mobile payment services. The company has partnered with all major payments networks, including Visa, Mastercard Inc, Discover and American Express Company in the U.S. for the service, which uses a standard tokenization system. The Android Pay is :

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Choice

Mobile payments official integrated  with Android. Retailers include AT&T, Best Buy, Subway, Groupon, and many more. Read More..

Fingerprint Print Sensor:

Now pay with Android with unlocking the lock screen. Now you can pay with the fingerprint sensor on the top of it. It will allow users to quickly complete transactions using Android Pay as well as while unlocking the phone. The company says that fingerprint scanning will work with third-party apps as well. Google is integrating the fingerprint sensor into the Android lock screen, and it will be used to authorize payments through Android Pay NFC and for purchasing apps in Google PlayMore..

Battery Improvement:

Google has embedded new way of charging the devices. The new technique will allow you to charge the device much faster. ALso Google has initialised Project “Doze”, it will do is recognize based on the movement of your device whether it is stationary and based on that information will “exponentially back off background activity to go into a deeper sleep state.” The device will still be capable of pushing through real time alarms or respond to chat requests in this state, but background updates will be slowed or stopped. More can be read here..


Type C charging cables are now compatible with Android M developer Preview.

Other Changes:

  • Simplified Volume Controls
  • Improved Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Direct Share Lets You Send Stuff to Common Contacts
  • Text Selection Gets a Lot Better, Adds a Floating Toolbar
  • Volume Controls Have Been Simplified

You can go to our Google I/O 2015 portal for detailed coverage. Many Other announcements have been done and most of them have met our expected list of things.


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