Android Market, Available in the Android Market


For a brief period of time tonight, a tablet-optimized version of the Android Market was among Google-published apps listed in the web version of the Android Market. Though the detail page for the app was pulled before we were able to get a screenshot of it, we did manage to get the shots you see in this post, of it listed alongside Gmail and other of Google’s first party apps.
Listed in the Shopping section and sporting a refreshed logo, the app was shown as having between 1,000 and 5,000 downloads, no reviews or ratings, and no recent changes. Permissions required were understandably quite extensive. The description was brief:

“Optimized for the tablet form-factor and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), Android Market now makes it fast and easy to find the best app for you.”

It’s no surprise that an attempt to install the 3.0-optimized Market on a Nexus One failed:

Since having the Market app is required to install apps via the web-based Market, the listing presumably was just to update a previous version, and based on how quickly it was pulled, was probably never intended to be public facing in the first place. In the words of Double-Rainbow Man, what does it mean?


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