When opening the Android Market and navigating to any application on your home PC, you’ll find that you now have the option link to specific user reviews. This is a feature that we honestly wouldn’t have “needed”, but nevertheless it may come in handy. I am no app developer, nor have I ever aspired to become one – but I assume it would be very beneficial to save particular reviews for future tips on improving my application.

Pictured below is an actual screenshot showing you where the permalink can be found on the page; it’s rather small so I hope this helps you out. It doesn’t actually take you away from the application and leave you with a single page dedicated to the review, but rather indexes the selected review to the top of the stack for easy viewing. All in all, it does make sense to have permalinks to user reviews; if such a feature were left out of any general online forum, it would be rather detrimental to quickly share single posts.

Now that this feature is live and publicly available, we’ll see how popular (or static) it becomes. The ability to forward a well thought out review of an application to a friend may help them decide if it’s worth the purchase price. Also, when a fellow blogger would like to quote such a review, we can now direct you right back to the source. True, it’s not entirely needed – but without interconnectedness the internet wouldn’t have done so well.
[via Android Central]


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