Android Market offers even more free music

You have to admit, it would be terrible trying to compete with the discounted – and often free – music tracks in href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Google”>Google’s Android Market. You all know about Google’s ‘Free Song of the Day’, but did you know there are a couple other hidden freebies out there tonight? The list isn’t too long, but great songs for free none the less.

You’ll find a few tunes by Drake including “Take Care (ft. Rihanna)”, “Make Me Proud (ft. Nicki Minaj)”, and “Fancy”. And for those Maroon 5 fans out there, “Moves Like Jagger” and “How” are now available. Mary J. Blige has a freebie too, so definitely head on over to download it just incase prices go back up.
The Free Song of the Day seems to be a way Google plans on promoting bands not as well known as they should be, so don’t just brush over it without giving them a quick listen. You’d be surprised by how much talent goes unnoticed. And finally, don’t forget about the giant pack of free songs that were previously released.
[via NetbookNews]


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