Android Market offers more freebies [study]


According to a new study, the Android Market has passed Apple iTunes in offering more free applications for smartphones and tablets. Google’s Android Market offers 134,342 free applications while Apple has about 13,000 fewer. The study also predicts that within five months, the Android Market will be the largest applications store, period, followed by iTunes and the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. What’s interesting is that Blackberry, which once dominated the smartphone category is now a distance 4th, only beating out Nokia’s Ovi Store.

And with the recent addition of the Amazon App Store for Android, Blackberry’s 4th place position is likely to slip even further. Amazon’s Android AppStore has fantastic features include one-click checkout, free app of the day, and a virtual Android interface to test drive apps. And Amazon is also sweetening the deal, as we mentioned last week, but offering $25 in AppStore credit with the purchase of select Android handsets.
There is one bright spot in the study for Blackberry though. Hitching a ride on the Android wave, well, sort of, Blackberry is predicted to join Google as mounting some serious competition in the tablet market. That makes Apple’s dominance in tablets short lived at about a year. And with 58% of the most popular publishers developing apps for non-Apple products, it’s easy to see why both companies have reason to smile.



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