Google recently adds the various features to its Android Messages app. Today again Google has rolled out a big upgrade to its searchability. Earlier you can search in Android Messages using text only. Now with the new update, you can find photos, videos, you can also filter your messages by places.

Android messages

In Android Messages just tap on the search icon and select a contact in your messages list. Then you will see the history with that contact, which includes the photos, videos, and even addresses also. In this history, you can also see the group conversation between each other. Google in a blog post said that update will be rolling out all over the world later this week.

Recently, Google Adds many features like Smart Replies in Messages, Google now Allows you to use Android Messages service through the Web, Google enables material design in Android Messages. Moreover, Google also tries dark mode in the messages app but after some time it was rolled back.

Coming back to this new search feature. When you will get it do tip us via comments with country and experience.


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