Android Messages v2.5 prepares for money exchange, QR Code scanner, and Google Duo shortcut feature


Android Messages just got updated to v2.5 and while it doesn’t have a lot of new features. There are signs of an interesting update coming up that will bring shortcuts to video calls, exchange money with contacts, and read QR code. The new changes were revealed while digging into the new APK and there is at least one very noticeable visual change.

google messenger

The guys over at the Android Police has forked into the app and has found that following features are going to come to Android Messages in the upcoming version of the app.

No Floating Action Button in v2.5

With v2.5, the floating action button moves and migrates to the top title bar in the shape of a “+”. We don’t know why Google did this, but you will have to move your finger straight to the top next time you want a new conversation. Let us know if this change bothers you.

Money Transfer

Now for the coming changes, Google is preparing to make cash transfers online possible with Messages. This reminds of another service the tech giant just launched in India called Tez. There are too many options for money transfer these days. However, let’s just wait and see how Google implements this new one.

Shortcut to Duo for Video Calls

There is just one single string that points to this. But it also makes us think the new change certain. The next version will have shortcuts to Google Duo just like Google Phone app is also going to have it.

QR Code

And the last big change is a QR code scanner. We don’t know what made Google add this to Messages, but it is good to have a baked-in QR scanner instead of a separate app if you already use Android Messages.



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