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Google’s VP of Engineering Dave Burke took the stage to announce some of the upcoming changes for Android N.

android n

Google has started telling about Android N at Google IO 2016. Android N is now more stable and updates itself from one build to another.

While talking, it is told that Android N Preview 3 as an “incremental update” on its developer site, there’s still enough here to get excited about. Unlike the last two versions of the preview, Google says this third build is the first “beta-quality” candidate.

Features of Android N:

  • Instant Apps automatically loads a chunk of an app, no visit to the Play Store required.
  • Android N is more Stable and Optimised
  • 75% faster app installation
  • Android N apps will consume 50% less space than before
  • Better multi-window and actionable notifications
  • 48 More Changes and more..

Until now Google has launched:


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