Yesterday, Google surprised everyone by dropping the first Developer Preview of Android P. Because, it was expected to be released next week which collides with the mid-March release as noted by prolific leaker Evan Blass. But, now as the first release is official, let’s take a look at the timeline of Android P.


Android P Timeline

According to the information provided by Android Developers, there will be four more developer previews which will be further followed by the final release in Q3. The current release is the initial alpha build. The next release, i.e DP2 will be an incremental beta update and will drop in May. After that, the DP3 will be released in early June with final APIs and official SDK. Then, the DP4 and DP5 will be released in late June and late July respectively. Both of them will be for the testing purpose.

  • Preview 1 (initial release, alpha)
  • Preview 2 (incremental update, beta)
  • Preview 3 (final APIs and official SDK, Play publishing, beta)
  • Preview 4 (release candidate for testing)
  • Preview 5 (release candidate for final testing)
  • Final release to AOSP and ecosystem

Once all the Developer Previews go successful, Google will officially release the final version of Android P to AOSP and ecosystem in Q3. And yes, the codename will also be revealed at that time.

What are your guesses for the codename? Don’t forget to comment below.


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