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In our daily schedule, we all have faced an issue when our device’s screen tends to go into sleep mode but we are still using it. To prevent it from going to sleep mode one can change the default settings otherwise a user will have to touch the screen after some time. To resolve this issue Google will roll out a new feature to the Android P. The devices running Android P in future will not gonna face this issue. So let’s check out more about it.

Android P Update

We all have faced this problem while reading messages, checking out some details on Wikipedia, etc. Android P will gonna bring a new feature in which by just touching the Fingerprint Scanner the device’s screen will not go into sleep mode. It will greatly help the users who are using Android devices having Fingerprint Sensor in the rear as a user can easily reach the sensor while using the smartphone.

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It is a great way to prevent timeout but it can be further refined. Some top-end Samsung and LG devices use hardware using which the device can detect that whether a user is reading or not. If not then it will automatically lock the device. This technology generally makes use of the Front camera but a lot of users has reported that it consumes a lot of battery which later results in a serious drop in battery performance. Still, according to us, this mechanism is good as it doesn’t need any touches on the scanner.

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