Android P Update

With the release of Android P developer preview, we came to know about a couple of new features introduced in next version of Android. Now some new information is coming according to which Android P will not allow apps to monitor your network activity. It is a step further in the security department as Android users are reporting this leak for ages now. Most of you have heard about this for the first time but believe us it can put you in a serious problem. So let’s check out some in-depth information about this fresh feature.

As mentioned above this newly introduced feature will restrict applications to monitor your network activity. At present most of the apps available on Play Store can gain access to your network activity without even granting some specific permissions. These apps can’t get detailed access but they can determine whether you are connected to a particular server or not via TCP/UDP. As revealed by xda-developers an app can easily detect whether you are connected to a financial institution’s server or not.

This issue can result in serious data reveal as they even know when you are using the internet, through which app or to which server that app is connected. Using this way a hacker can easily expose your personal info. Well-known platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc can also make its use to track your data but finally this problem will get solved with the arrival of Android P. As suggested by xda-developers a new commit has been appeared in Android Open Source Project According to the new variations in SELinux rules, access to there files will get restricted. These SELinux rules will get applied to Android P resulting in allowing some specific VPN apps to get the access only.

We are happy to see that how day by day Google is getting more aggressive in terms of development, for further updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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