App store researchers Distimo, known for researching and gathering factual data on app stores and reporting some accurate information on all things Apps have just released their latest publication. Taking a close look at all the app stores but more importantly to us, the Android and Apple markets. According to their report, Google’s Android Market has now passed Apple and is now offering more free apps than the Apple App Store.

This is big news considering Apple has been talking down on Android and its apps for a long time, take this Jobs. According to Distimo, Google’s Android Market currently offers 134,342 free applications for download, while Apple’s App Store for iPhone offers 121,845 free applications. This is not taking into account the paid apps, as Apple has far more paid apps than Android. This is based on free apps.
Obviously Apple’s App Store is the largest of its kind, but Android and its market is hot on its heels and is gaining ground fast. The report also mentions that the App Store was one of the slowest stores in March of 2011. Overall Apple still has a strong lead on the overall size of market, but things are looking better and better for Android every month. With all the tablets on the way to shelves things will only keep getting bigger and better. For the full story check out the link and download the latest publication from Distimo.

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