paypal android pay

Finally, Paypal support for Android Pay is live now after many rumors and reports. In the month of January, the code regarding the integration went live and following for official announcement in April. Now, after all the noise here is the official rollout of the Paypal support with Android Pay.

paypal android pay

As per the information from the Android Pay blog, it is said that it will support all the banks and credit cards that are present in your PayPal. So, it is a boon for the Android Pay that they have added a platform which support almost all the major banks and cards.

Currently, the update for Paypal support is live in the US only. Currently, it is available only to few users. It seems the full rollout is happening, it might take 24-48 hours to reach everybody.

How many of you have received the update?

Additionally, in the recent times, Paypal has sued the Pandora music service for copying its logo. In a case filing against the Pandora, Paypal quoted about its logo infringement. You can read more about the whole scenario here.


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