If you are a fan of the SoundHound app for Android smartphones and devices, you will want to grab the update to the app that has been released this week. The update ads a very cool new feature called LiveLyrics. The update also brings enhanced sharing as well that allows you to share music with Facebook and Twitter users faster.

The LiveLyrics is the best of the new features though and will identify any part of a song playing on the device for you and automatically show the lyrics below. The lyrics move along with the song so you can sing along or finally figure out what exactly the singer is saying in that particular part of the tune. The new features come in version 2.7.4 of the app.
The sharing feature allowed the user to share a message about a song and then post it to both Facebook and Twitter at one time. There is also an auto-share feature that will share all the tunes you find automatically. The update is available now.

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