Not so many popular Google suite of apps exist that do not have their warm presence in the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, Android TV Home app and its related Core Services plugin app were among widely used apps which were invincible from the Play Store supported apps list. Of course, Google might’ve kept it away from the store so far, for some genuine reasons. But, in an unpredictable and sudden move the both apps are now released on the Google Play.

As some of you know, the Android TV Home app is the default UI launcher of Android TV’s. Hence, the app is now made available in the Google Play Store is a sort of assurance. Here assurance is towards the Android TV’s which will get UI enhancements without waiting for a major or minor firmware update. Given that the Android TV’s rarely receive major updates, the entry of the Android TV Home app on the store is quite welcoming.

Although, the Launcher is now official in Play Store there is a catch. That is, the app requires Android 8.0(API 27) or above OS to be installed on the smart TV. Obviously, it ought to be a bummer for majority of Android TV users as barely few TV’s have got the Android Oreo update. Recently, a new update for Google App has hit the Android TV launcher app.

Google Play Store links for both the Android TV Home and Core Service app is provided below. If not busy, don’t forget to have a look at the download counter of the apps. One of them’ve crossed 10 thousand downloads!

Android TV Home: Google Play.

Core Services: Google Play


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