Android Wear app bags 10 Million downloads on Google Play Store


Android Wear companion app, which is an inevitable app for every Android Wear watches. Now the Android Wear app attained 10 Million downloads on Google Play Store. Indeed, a not so big achievement when compared to other Google crafted apps having 1 Billion+ downloads registered along their names. Nevertheless, it’s a milestone for the Google app that’d been a part of Play Store since years ago.

Android Wear app hits 10 million

To an extend, the less download rate of the Android wear app can be associated with the poor performance of Android Wear devices on market. Recall that, there was a time when the Android watches were badged as commercially unsuccessful by certain analysts.

Well, too much of negatives about the Android Wear App on this special occasion. Now, let us be optimistic about the app. As you know, the app is needed to connect the Android Wear smartwatch with Android phones. Once installed on handsets, the app allows to interact with your smartwatch in multiple ways. It can be used to keep an eye on watch’s status, track the fitness, personalize the watchfaces, adjust settings, and much more.

The latest version of the app is now on Play Store is 2.0.7.


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