Android Wear Users Facing Difficulties In Installing Paid Apps


Android Wear users are reportedly facing problems with paid apps from the Google Play Store on their Android Wear smartwatches.


Apps for your Android based smartwatches are currently available for you to download from the Play Store, both the paid and the unpaid ones. And once you download them, they will sync with your phone via a Bluetooth connection and will update automatically via your phone. Here lies the problem as the paid apps are not just transferring over to your Android based smartphones.

According to experts, the problem lies with Google’s app encryption. The encryption which keeps hackers and pirates away from your smartphone, is reportedly causing this glitch, not allowing the apps in your phone from syncing with your smartwatch.

This bug can cause a lot of problems for the current Android Wear users and also have negative effect on potential smartwatch buyers if Samsung doesn’t fix the bugs soon.

Till the problems are fixed, we suggest you keep from downloading any paid apps. We’ll keep you notified about any further developments regarding this, so stay connected with us. And leave your views about this in comments below.


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