I’m sure many of our readers know plenty about the popular Androidify App from Google that lets you dress and design your own Android avatar as yourself, or anything else you have in mind. One of the best parts of Mobile World Congress 2011 was the Androidify print station Google had set up where users were able to print their own Androidify avatars and create stickers. Sadly not everyone was able to make it to MWC and partake in the fun. If you want your own Androidify Avatar as a sticker for your phone, laptop, tablet or anything else check out this new kickstarter project below for all the details.

With the same print station idea from MWC we present you with Androidifyme.com, a kickstarter project by Aleksandr Peredereyev that is looking for a few backers that can help get this project and awesome idea off the ground and into flight — or print I should say. So if you’d like to help by donating a few bucks all of the details can be found at kickstarter.com where a contribution will get you a set of stickers or your own t-shirt and more.

The image above is an actual picture of what to expect. Users create their Androidify avatar and the new Androidifyme project makes as many stickers as you’d like and sends them right to your door, how awesome is that? Like all kickstarter projects, you pledge a certain amount of money into the idea and will only be charged if the goal is met — in this case that goal is $4550. If the goal is not met you will not be charged a cent and will just move on to the next big thing.


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