Talk about money in the bank. In an interview with Venture Beat, Andrew Stalbow, Rovio’s General Manager revealed that the popular bird-flying, productivity-wasting, and highly entertaining game Angry Birds had been downloaded over 350 million times.

In addition to being downloaded 350 million times, Stalbow also revealed that every day, over 300 million minutes are spent playing the game. Mobile isn’t the only place where Angry Birds is getting millions of numbers. Its Youtube videos have been viewed over 170 million times!

The goal of the company now is to expand Angry Birds from a game to a multimedia franchise. In the future, you will be seeing more Angry Birds-themed things, such as Movies, products, games, and more.
Stalbow, a former Fox Entertainment executive joined Rovio to fulfill the company’s plan to expand into a multimedia franchise. The company currently has 50 employees in Finland. In its last round funding, the company raised $42.
In their upcoming round of funding, the company could be valued at $1.2 billion.
Source: Venture Beat


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