LG Flex 2 is just about to start shipping, and that doesn’t mean the company is not working on the next device. According to a report, LG has been working on an LG Device with a QHD display, which is most probably the LG G4.


And the leak comes from a User Agent Profile, which also indicated, what the model number of the device will be. The Smartphone comes under the number, LG H810, which is a AT&T version. Also not only this, the report also says, that the device would be featuring a QHD display, and nothing more aobut the device is known yet.

Now going by the previous leaks, the LG G4 was supposed to have display of about 5.3 inches, a Snapdragon 810, along 4 GB of RAM. A primary camera on the back with a 16 MP sensor, and also the device would feature a stylus pen along with it. Yet LG has not officially revealed anything, but we will have something more concrete on the device in the coming days.


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