Android smartwatches are basically devices that you glance at for your immediate info like notifications. But they do come with a keyboard in case you find typing on a 2.5-inch screen irresistible. Appfour wants to make that experience a bit less painful. For lack of a better option, the only way is to innovate with what little space you’ve got.

Image credits: androidpolice

Appfour’s keyboard app is an upgraded version for Android Wear 2.0. The Appfour keyboard spaces the keys more widely but that redesign leads to another compromise. Users will have to swipe to see the other keys. In comparison, the stock keyboard crams all the keys in one place and users don’t need to swipe.

There are other options like the swipe based input that will appeal to people. Regardless, whichever way you go, there is bound to be mistakes on such a small screen. And while Appfour’s solution does make things a bit easier, it makes the task a bit more time-consuming. Still, those are my two satoshis. If you fancy the app hit the link below.

Keyboard for Android Wear


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