Apple is not only going after Samsung in numerous markets where patent rulings are concerned, Cupertino, too, has other targets in mind such as HTC as well. A patent fight between Cupertino and the Taiwanese smartphone giant will culminate in this week’s decision from a US trade agency, where a result in Apple’s favor might eventually lead to a ban on imports of select HTC devices. The International Trade Commission commission will be announcing tomorrow as to whether HTC infringed patents owned by Apple.
Of course, who are we to say that the decision might end up otherwise, and life goes on as normal for HTC in the US, while Apple executives seethe and gnash their teeth, wondering why can’t the rest of the world see their point of view? All in all, the commission’s job is to step forward and confirm whether they agree with a judge’s finding that cleared Apple of claims it infringed some HTC patents.Who do you think will emerge the victor between the two?


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