Former Vice President and Apple board member Al Gore has confirmed that a new iPhone will be released in October. He specifically stated that ‘the new iPhone would be out next month’ at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit today.
Yes, it’s completely true that Apple has been saying that it will release iOS 5 and, presumably, new hardware to go along with it, this fall. But this is the first time that anyone with ties to the Apple organization, even if it is just a Board Member, has made any affirmative statements about the release of its next-gen iPhone.
There is always the possibility that Gore misspoke, of course, or was just making statements based on the rumors that are already out there, but it seems like a pretty big mistake to make at a public conference.
Just this morning a report from All Things D pegged the date of Apple’s next event as October 4th. This statement was later corroborated by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop. Both Dalrymple and All Things D are known to be excellent sources of Apple information so we’re pretty confident that this date is correct.
Still, it’s pretty unusual to have an Apple Board member say anything definite about Apple’s Plans for future products, as its company policy is that it does not speak about them, period. Although Gore isn’t an Apple employee, he has been an influential member of Apple’s board, spearheading efforts to make the company more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
So, now that Gore says that we’re getting a new iPhone next month, do you believe it more? He is a politician after all and we all know how much they like to say things, regardless of how true they are.


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