Here we go again. We have more news about Apple possibly tampering with image evidence against Samsung, this time pointed at the Samsung Galaxy S II. Just this past Monday we reported that altered images were submitted to a German court by Apple. The image showed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 dimensions were changed to match the iPad. In this new report, an image submitted to a Netherlands court by Apple presents the Galaxy S II as the exact same height as the iPhone 3GS (though the image of the Galaxy seems to be only reduced in size).
If all the tampering is true, it’s completely ridiculous in 2011 to think altering images would go unnoticed. As our own Robert Nazarian mentioned in his post linked above, there is no question the physical devices themselves will be presented. I would hope that the courts will not stand for any of this, but I’m sure there will be plenty of BS to cover the reasons behind the images. What do you think the repercussions will be for this if any? Hit us up in the comments.


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