We are back with today’s round of the best, fun-filled, and extraordinary apps the Android Market has to offer. Halloween is only a few days away and keeping with that holiday spirit, I thought it only appropriate to feature the most goulish, creepy and gory Halloween themed apps from the Market. Let’s have at it!
Halloween Clock – This clock widget comes to you from the makers of Kinectic Clock and features a festive Halloween theme complete with a little witch Andy, brewing away in his cauldron. The widget was actually rendered using 3D graphics and features an insane amount of detail. Not only that, it’s highly customizable too! Halloween Clock features:
-Four different skins to choose from (wood, wrought iron, stone, and brick).
-Each skin switches to day and night versions on its own (or choose any skin you’d like to remain static).
Moon and sun rise and set as the day goes on (or choose your favorite position to remain static).
-Space for two customizable launchers. App icons look like they’re nestled right in the grass!
-12 and 24 hour modes.
Haunted House HD – I’ve come across my share of amazing live wallpapers in my day and let me tell you — none of the come as close to the amount of interaction and fun as this spooky 3D wallpaper from the creators of My Beach and Season Zen. The wallpaper allows you to travel around the outside of a haunted house, tiptoeing by candle-lit pumpkins and mailbox that can be customized with your name. Feeling brave? You can even travel inside the haunted house and have a look at the paranormal activity that lies within.
Haunted House HD features the ability to customize every part of the scene, choose your style of pumpkins and hide or show the items in the scene to decorate your haunted house for Halloween. Amazing fun and from a live wallpaper no less.
Swiftkey X (with Pumpkin Theme) – SwiftKey X is my personal keyboard of choice (at the moment) and in celebration of Halloween, they saw it fit to introduce a brand new “Pumpkin Theme” in addition to their already available ones. SwiftKey X is based on the new version of TouchType’s advanced Fluency language inference engine… simply meaning — it can almostpredict what you’re going to say before you say it.
You can fine tune SwiftKey X with typing styles to match the way you use your phone. Whether you rely heavily on prediction or if you prefer to write your words out in full rapidly making typos and errors, SwiftKey will keep everything in order. If you haven’t yet, now would be a great time to check it out.
SpecTrek Light – SpecTrek is one of those oldie but goodies. I’ve been having fun with this app since back in the G1 days and not much has changed. Not much has to. The name of the game is ghost hunting and you must run around your immediate vicinity, hunting down ghosts using radar. One you’re in range, hold up your phone to switch to augmented reality mode and catch ghosts ala Fatal Frame. Tons of fun to be had especially when navigating around your neighborhood trick or treating.
Contract Killer: Zombies (NR) – While not really “Halloween themed” (zombie killing is fun any time of the year) Contract Killer recently release a zombie version of their popular FPS game. How do you play? Well, it’s simple. Gun down anything that groans, “Braaaaaaains.” Just make sure you don’t get too trigger happy as you have to rescue innocent civilians from the zombie-infested environments.
Sliceween – This is a fun physics game where you have one simple goal: Get the bat. Into the house. Sounds easy enough… Or is it? You’ll have to slice your way to victory using bars, bricks, spiders, teleporters and more. Featuring 4 different worlds for a total of 80 levels. I know it all sounds a bit weird but try it out. Sliceween is sure to get you into that Halloween spirit.
Well, that pretty much covers it for our special Halloween edition of “Apps of the Day.” Have any scary apps you would like to recommend? Just sound ‘em off in the comments! We’ll do our best to feature them come Monday, for one final round of Halloween themed apps. I hope you guys have a great weekend of partying and please, make it home safe.


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