Archos G9 tablets receiving another firmware update

The recently released Archos G9 tablets have only been on the market a short period and they are already receiving a few firmware updates from Archos. It’s nice to see them working so quickly to bring updates to their tablets and we can only hope the same applies for Ice Cream Sandwich. The Archos 80 G9 went on sale last month and received its first OTA firmware update early this month. Today Archos informed us another just 14 days later is available now for download.

Earlier in the month the update brought tons of new features such as native Google Talk with video chat and some improved memory management, it also fixed a few issues and bugs some early adopters were having. Today the update takes the Archos G9 series 80 and 101 tablets from firmware 3.2.46 to the latest version 3.2.56 and is available right now by checking for updates on your device. Archos said to just hit yes and enjoy the latest update, according to their Twitter and Facebook pages.
The new firmware improvements and features are:
– Further improved memory management
– Additional user agents available in browser settings
– Faster wifi reconnect after sleep/disconnect
– As well as many minor fixes and improvements
The big one here is the memory management. While we have a dual-core 1.0 GHz OMAP 4 processor on the Archos, we sadly only have 512MB of RAM and for that they’ve enhanced the memory management to keep things running smoothly. They’ve included their own application task killer, something I’ve not used since my G1 and claim that should help performance but on a dual-core tablet we shouldn’t have to use those anyways. We’ll take all the memory management and improvements we can get at this point. They also mention the low battery warning wont be so obnoxious and intrusive.
As usual you can manually go to settings > about tablet > check for updates to get the new firmware rolling — as well as manually download and update right from and a full list of the change-log can be found by clicking here. Feel free to leave us any comments below regarding your experience with the new firmware. Enjoy!


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