Google Camera app and ARCore are the two master piece software work from the tech-tycoon, Google. Though the former is restricted to Google’s own Nexus/Pixel handsets, the latter is perhaps available on some select top-tier non-Google smartphones. And now, if a new report is to be beleived the ARCore will be making its way onto the Samsung beasts Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The ARCore, in case if you don’t know opens a new world of augmented reality on Android devices without any need of additional hardwares. It’s one of the evidence of Google’s mastery in creating magic with brilliant software tweaks. ARCore’s motion tracking algorithm uses merely the camera of a phone to identify points called features, and basically tracks how those points move w.r.t time.

Meanwhile, Google is heading to release a new version of the ARCore. It seems, with the new release the Galaxy S9 and S9+ might be added to the family of devices that support ARCore. As per the ARCore team via official ARCore Github, “Support for the S9 and S9+ will be added in the next release, which should be released in the coming weeks.”

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ already make use of the possibility that AR has to offer. The much-hyped My Emoji Maker, which deducted with the 2018 S-Series duo is an AR powered feature. Moreover, if Google extends the ARCore support for the devices, the AR capability on the flagships will be attaining a new level.

If everything goes well as expected, soon a software update would hit the Galaxy S9 and S9+ bringing ARCore support on the table.


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