Are You Ready For Installing Apps from Google Search Results?


Yes, you heard it right. Google is going to allow users to install Android app from its search listing. It seems to be quite useful feature that Google is expected to pack with the latest update.

app search

Earlier also we came to know about the similar thing from the reports. Currently, Google is testing this feature on some Android tablets and smartphones which will allow you to directly install the apps from the search results itself. You don’t need to enter into the Play Store on the web and have to tap three-four times more.

Some users reported that they have used this feature for some months but later Google withdrawn it. At that time, the click on the install button pulls you to Google Play. Now they want to delete that step also, they will be coming with direct install from install button.

Right now they are rolling out to some users and hope soon will be available to every Android user.

So are you ready?


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