The scavenger hunt for the Motorola Droid Bionic is all set to begin. Yesterday we told you about the and @DroidLanding pages being initiated for another run of prizes and giveaway thanks to Verizon and Motorola, and today we have the app to go with it.

Start by heading over to for all the details and information on the DROID Bionic scavenger hunt. It will begin in around 57 hours from now, in just over 2 days. If you didn’t catch the news yesterday this will be a scavenger hunt for the public to track down, find, and potentially win their very own DROID Bionic using the just released ARena App. This is an Augmented Reality app using your phones camera. The video below should help you understand.

Be prepared to run around town and make sure your Android phone is fully charged and up for the challenge — are you? You can download the official ARena App by clicking here or heading to the Android Market. Sadly many that are planning to search for, or buy the Bionic have the original Motorola Droid and the AR app does not work with older phones like the original Droid. So download this file here if you have an older phone and the app wont install, that should help.

Again all of the details are at and we should be hearing more details as the hunt gets closer to full initiation in t-minus 57 hours. We are also seeing commercials that are now confirming the release date for September 8th, the hunt ends on the 7th so if you don’t find what you’re searching for you can buy one soon.
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