ARM Development Studio 5 toolkit launches to public

    ARM has released an update to their development toolkit that claims an increase in Java performance by up to four times. Yes, this software is free and DS-5 CE (Community Edition) and some major enhancements from the previous version. The main difference is the including of ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer; this little tool helps developers keep an eye on how efficient their code is as it’s executed, what more could a dev ask for?

    This update should spawn many others within the Android Market, as developers may want to perfect their code to this new toolkit’s heightened standards. Taking advantage at optimizing applications to ARM’s processors will supposedly help speed them up too. Take a look at the installation procedure below:

    The main difference between the ARM DS-5 and the already released SDK and NDK is simply that the Development Studio is oriented on energy efficiency through proper code execution. And who knows, we may even see some better batter life on our devices when using applications put through DS-5. That would definitely follow suit with ARM’s specific DS-5 motto towards producing “Android apps that stand out from the crowd”. Rapid battery drain problems have been a major issue in so many of the Androids released today.
    More information can be found at ARM’s Official Website.
    [via SlashGear]

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