Asus EEE Pad Slider tablet launching in the UK October 24th

Americans have had access to Asus’ EEE Pad Slider with its integrated slide-out keyboard for a while, but come next Monday, Brits can pick one up at their leisure. Asus has announced that the Slider will be available starting at £429.99, or about $680 USD. Retailers PC World and Curry’s will be the first to offer the tablet, both online and in-store.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Slider is a lot like the EEE Pad Transformer with a keyboard that tucks away when not in use, instead of detaching completely. The dual-core Tegra 2 processor runs at an impressive 1.2GHz, powering Honeycomb on the 10-inch 1280 x 800 screen. 32GB of on-board storage should be enough for all but the largest media collections.  The Slider is currently only available in WiFi form, and sadly, we haven’t heard anything about a mobile broadband version.

If you’re on the fence about a Transformer or Slider purchase, you might want to wait a few weeks. Asus has been teasing the upcoming Transformer 2 with a slick CG video, and an executive showed off the device on-stage while confirming its quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The official announcement is slated for November 9th, and considering what the executive said about Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, it could be ready to hit the market before the end of the year. We haven’t heard of a successor to the Slider, though, so if you’re heart is set on an all-in-one form factor, go right ahead.

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