We have spent our share of hands on time with the Transformer Prime and really like the tablet. I am sure we aren’t the only ones looking forward to the tablet hitting the market. A video has surfaced on Facebook that shows off a new accessory for the Transformer Prime that is really interesting. The accessory is the Transformer Prime Sleeve.

The iPad has its smart cover that can turn the iPad 2 on and off when it opens and closes. The new Prime Sleeve for the Asus tablet has an even cooler trick up its sleeve. You can see the sleeve in action on the video below. When the sleeve flap is closed, you can see the lines on the surface where the thing folds.
You can fold it into two shapes with one of the shapes for standing the tablet upright for watching video and such. The other shape props the tablet up at a much lower angle that would be good for typing. It appears that the Sleeve plugs into two of the mount holes for the keyboard add-on. Pricing and availability for the Sleeve is unknown.

[via SlashGear- Thanks dy4me!]


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