Love getting all dressed up in a suit, and heading off to corporate meetings is your cup of tea? Well, then make sure you have the right kind of tablet device to go along with you, and an iPad is way too casual, while the BlackBerry PlayBook does have an air of authority, the lack of decent apps have proved to be its Achilles’ Heel. Hopefully Asus’ latest Eee Slate B121 business tablet will not suffer from that fate, as it intends to deliver power, portability and security features in a single device, targeting businesses, health care facilities, and other institutions as the market of choice.
You will not find Android running here, but rather, the Intel Core i5-470UM processor will be there to keep a copy of the Windows 7 Professional operating system chugging along nicely, delivering PC-like performance on-the-go. The clever use of an ultra-low voltage Intel Core i5 processor allows the B121 to remain a mere 0.67” thin, tipping the scales at only 2.56 lbs.


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