Last week the official ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime product page went live from ASUS and while we already know plenty about this quad-core packing tablet it was good to finally see everything official. Apparently the same product page over in Germany had the entire kernel source code nicely listed right on the download page last night, but has since been taken down.

While we are still digging for information, taking a look at the US product page we have no such luck and only some USB drivers and a few other unimportant things were available for download. According to our tipster from the Transformer Prime kernel source code was up and available for download and they quickly snatched it up.

Shown in the screenshot above you can see the kernel (listed around 90MB) the product manuals and FAQ PDF’s as well as some sort of PC Suite application most likely for the keyboard dock. Looking at the date they were just uploaded yesterday so things are looking very new, and pretty close to being ready if you ask me — I just want it already! Apparently the kernel was downloaded before being removed and is available at the source link listed above, but we wont comment further as we are still looking for more information.
The Transformer Prime is set to launch in December so we should start hearing details and seeing more any day now. NVIDIA gave us an awesome demo video showing the Transformer Prime running Android 4.0 ICS earlier this week, and Gamestop has it listed for shipping December 9th. Either way I can’t wait to get my hands on this NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core powered tablet as soon as possible.


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