asus zenfone 3 max

Asus has rolled out new update to its Zenfone 3 Max. The new upgrade has added many new features and enhancements. There are many performance upgrades along with usual bug fixes.

asus zenfone 3 max

Asus Zenfone 3 max model number ZC520TL has got version The new version has brought Power Master App to optimise the battery consumption. In other words Asus has termed it as an app “to excel battery performance.” Some LED features during charging has been updated along with Moving on, LED notification effects (during charging) as well as the PLMN ID list has also been updated.

Finally the update fixes “the customer service call issue in Italy.”

You can check for the update by heading to the Settings menu and then hitting the update menu.

How many of you have received the update?


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