Bloomberg has reported that AT&T’s contracted Sprint, MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, CenturyLink and Dish Network in order to negotiate the sale of T-Mobile assets in order to gain approval for their proposed merger. This is likely in response to early reports that suggested AT&T would most likely need to go this route in order to persuade anti-trust regulators and the FCC that their moves aren’t to stifle competition.

Talks are supposedly preliminary for the time being with no carrier or firm coming to concrete terms with AT&T on this possible sale. Bloomberg reports that the department of justice may not even consider the sale of assets a huge band-aid for AT&T’s case. That ruling could come to if AT&T offers assets of low value to their competitors. We’d think spectrum would be the most valuable but AT&T’s acquisition is all about that, according to them. It will be an interesting few months, for sure. [Bloomberg]

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