When it comes to prepaid plans two big names such as AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless always rival each other, this is good and healthy competition that always keeps the pricing down. So who will win the fight for glory?
RCR Wireless have hit on this subject and it is somewhat very interesting indeed, Verizon Wireless have a plan called “Unleashed” and this offers customers unlimited mobile Web services, unlimited messaging and unlimited calling over its network for $50 per month, the only downside to this is that they only have three phones that use this plan. There are a few limitations such as lack of phones and its mobile Web experience is limited to the Web browser that is included on the three handsets and this does not give you the full web browsing experience.
The Unleashed plan according to the source above undercuts available prepaid plans, the ones that offer SMS messages at 2 cents per text, unlimited calling for $2 per day or unlimited bundles costing $10 or $20 per month.
Over Tracfone Wireless Inc.’s Straight Talk the Unleashed plan is $5 per month that included unlimited calling, messaging and data using the Verizon Wireless network and feature phones.
Now looking at AT&T Mobility’s GoPhone unlimited plans with prices at $60 per month for unlimited text messages and voice calls and its $75 per month for extra 200 megabytes of data transmission what would you choose? If you choose the AT&T Mobility GoPhone you can pay $2 per day for unlimited calls and text messages and data packages ranging up to $25 per month for 500 MB.
Who wins the pre-paid market then?


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