Verizon and AT&T both starts rolling out the security updates for Moto Z , Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge+ and Note 5. Although the updates are the minor ones, But on AT&T Network you finally get the Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Galaxy Note 5 handsets. The update also brings AT&T’s Advanced Messaging service.


On Verizon network update to Moto Z and Z Force comes with the software version MCLS24.246-36-3, while the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ are getting VRS3BPI1. On AT&T network the update comes to Note5 with the build no. “N920AUCU3CPHA “  and on S6 edge+ update comes with build no. “G928AUCU3CPHA”. The size of Update on AT&T network is around 400 MB.

However, AT&T points out that only devices with the software version ending in PG1 or PH4 could get the update, which means you need to repeat the update process until you get to the PG1 or PH4 software versions.

Source- AT&T (1),(2),(3) | Verizon [2] [3]


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