Google has been testing the autoplay videos on homescreen of the Youtube mobile app a little while ago. However, it looks like the feature is now fully baked and finally here, at least for some users.

Certain users are able to see a new “AutoPlay on Home” option under settings of the YouTube app for Android. Basically, it enables the automatic playback of video in the home feed. But, the video will be playing muted all for good.

As most of us know, autoplay of video while browsing is a prevalent feature in other video streaming/sharing apps such Instagram, Facebook and so on. And now Google is bringing it to the world’s popular video streaming service, YouTube. In order to access the feature, one must head over to Settings>>Autoplay. Where you’ll see the new AutoPlay on Home option next to the good-old “Autoplay next video option”.

If you’re not interested in previewing the video that causes some considerable amount of bandwidth. Google has provided an option to enable it only when you’re connected to Wi-fi. Or else, there is option to completely disable the autoplay as well.

It’s worth noting here that, the autoplay is possible only on the Home Feed. That is, you may not see the videos over at Subscription and Trending tabs autoplaying. Well, as earlier stated the feature is visible only to a few users as of now. It’d take a week or so for the completion of server-side roll-out. Nevertheless, we’d recommend you to keep the app updated so that the new features come to your end quicker.


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