avast gmail malware

Avast Mobile Security today marked Gmail, Whatsapp, PayPal, Google Currents, LinkedIn, Redbox, Amazon and many other popular apps as malware. Its seems funny as it would be a false positive. Seriously, there’s nothing like malware on these apps its by mistake avast issued warnings.

avast gmail malware

From sometime now, Filip Havlicek, Avast support forum super moderator posted about the issue and said that they have already issued an update to fix it. In actual words he said, “it seems that this false positive detection somehow got through our systems to everyone. I’m sorry for that. Don’t worry though, there should be a virus definitions update soon that will remove this detection. I’m going to reroute all topics to this one and lock them so everyone knows what’s happening. I’ll post here when the update is out so everyone can do a manual update of their definitions to fix this (or you can, of course, wait for the automatic update to happen, but manual will most probably be faster in this case).”

So guys head over to the Avast Mobile Security App on your mobile device and run update. According to forums, some users have started getting the update. You can also manually pull it by heading to app on your device.

How many of you already received the update?

Source: Avast Support Forums


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