No matter what grade you’re going in to, you’re going to have to hit the books to do well. While many may think that smartphones and tablets are just good for distracting you from your work, there are plenty of apps which can help you study and keep track of your education.
Most of these apps will be available on all the major smartphone platforms but we’ll point out which ones are just available on certain smartphone platforms.

1. Amazon Kindle

Best apps for studying

The Amazon Kindle app is the most flexible e-reading service out there because it’s filled with millions of books (including a large selection of text books) and it can work on nearly any computer, smartphone or tablet. The pricing for the books are generally quite reasonable and the Whispersync technology means that you’ll be able to start reading on your iPhone, pick up on your PC and then be able to resume on your tablet without losing your place. Taking notes is still kind of a pain compared to just scribbling in the margins but it’s definitely still possible.
Things like Kobo, Nook, iBooks, and Google Books also offer neat e-reading experiences but Amazon is still a clear step ahead in terms of selection and flexibility.

2. Evernote

Best apps to help you study

One of the most important things about studying is keeping all of your notes straight and the clear leader in this space is Evernote because it offers a straightforward way to keep all of your multimedia notes archived and to get at these notes no matter what device you’re using. With apps for multiple smartphones, tablets and a robust web app, it’s easy to get started on Evernote.
Beyond texts, photos and videos, Evernote can pretty much take any data you can throw at it, as it also supports location-based note-taking and there’s social networking integration to share with your Facebook and Twitter friends. The free service should be more than enough for most students but you may want to pay the $5 a month (or $45 a year) for the additional storage and more robust mobile functionalities.
Other note-taking apps include Microsoft’s OneNote, Apple’s reminders with iCloud and Google Docs can also be a free, online way to keep all of your documents and notes in order.

3. Wikipanion

Best apps to help you study

The Internet is a large collection of our collective knowledge and that’s clearly evident with Wikipedia. The Wikipanion app for iOS is a great way to get access to the world’s largest dynamic encyclopedia.
Just remember friends, you can’t cite Wikipedia in your papers at most schools but it is a great jumping off point for your research. The Wikipanion app is available on iOS and similar apps can be found on Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

4. myHomework

Best apps to help you study

There are many apps to keep track of your homework but I’m a fan of the myHomework app because I enjoy the layout and I like supporting smaller developers. With this app, you can schedule times to do your homework, set up when assignments are due, block off time for classes and even receive push notifications. The app will also sync with an online service to make sure you can stay organized no matter what device you’re trying to do your homework on.
The myHomework app is free and it’s available on the iPhone and Android.

5. Words with Friends

Best apps to help you study

I know that suggesting a game may not seem like the best move if you’re trying to study but the simple fact is that your mind needs a little break and playing a game like Words with Friends is a great way to keep entertained while still learning. This Scrabble-like game will soon have you learning and using words that you didn’t even know existed and the cool thing about this asynchronous gameplay is that you can take your time on your turns without having to have your opponents on at the same time. It’s available on most of the major smartphone platforms and it even came to Facebook, so feel free to take a break. You deserve it.
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