A source of GoAndroid has leaked details of an internal Best Buy memo, which includes a significant hint at the iPhone 5’s release date. For those in the US, at least.

The memo explains that an “Apple Fixture Installation” will take place at 6am on the morning of Friday October 21. Interesting.

There’s nothing more specific in the memo, and no mention of the iPhone 5 per se, but October is being touted by many rumour mongers as the arrival date for Apple’s next smartphone.
The tipster explains that a 6am start with a manager on hand is quite unusual, but that a similar thingy happened when the iPhone 4 touched down last year.
Further backing up the idea of an October 21 release for the iPhone 5, the tipster revealed that Best Buy Mobile managers will attend a meeting on October 10 to discuss “upcoming BIG release dates”.
Considering Apple has yet to fire out a save-the-date, October 21 is looking like as good a guess as any for now. Salt? Maybe just a sprinkle.

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