Best Feature of Allo By Google


Yesterday, Google announced Allo at IO 2016 event. It is AI based Messaging app which we can make replies by hearing voices, have inbuilt Google Assistant and much more. It supports emoji, stickers and a new Whisper Shout feature.

google allo best featureAlso, we also wrote whether we need messenger like Allo, which can automatically chat? There were mixed responses to it.

Today, we are taking a look over it in a positive way and found that Allo has officially partnered with Open Whisper Systems, the developers behind the secure Signal app. This means that Google is going to offer real private messaging to its users. Unlike, Telegram, which uses a custom protocol rather than an open one. Well, you can pre register for Allo.

So, the privacy (Security) is gonna be the best feature for this app in the world where government or your friends, allies are surveilling you.

  • Allo has Smart Reply built -so you can respond to messages without typing a single word.
  • Allo also features the Google assistant –  richness of Google directly into your chats
  • Privacy and security – Chat in Incognito Mode
  • Know More Features Here

There are many good features in the Allo which we have explained along with other announcements at Google IO 2016.

Also share which feature do like most about the Allo? Share your views via comments below.


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