So you picked up a HP TouchPad. Big woop. Just because we didn’t manage to grab one in the £89 fire sale doesn’t mean we aren’t jealous. Not one bit. Nada.
Ok so maybe we grabbed one, but we wanted more. Greed aside, we’ve been having a good play with both the TouchPad and the Pre 3 for a while now. Sure they have their faults and WebOS can be a bit glitchy at times but for the price they are unbeatable.
More importantly all that money saved means you have likely plenty to spare for accessories, not easy however when most TouchPad shopping remains thin on the ground. Thankfully Pocket-lint has done the searching for you, rounding up the best bits for your TouchPad to enjoy.

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Touchstone Charging Dock for TouchPad (£35)

HP and Palm devices both feature a wireless charging system called Touchstone. The hardware is built into the back of the new HP launches and unlike things such as Powermat, doesn’t require an additional case.

Being able to simply plonk your TouchPad into a stand and leave it to charge is damn cool. Better still the official Touchstone dock follows the smooth black design approach of the TouchPad itself. This means it is matte and we like matte things over at Pocket-lint.
The stand itself is height adjustable so you can get the right viewing angle for your tablet. It also costs around £35, which for a charger and stand combo is a decent enough price. This does however seem astronomically expensive when you think the TouchPad itself set you back just £89.

Zagg Invisible Shield TouchPad screen protector (£15) 

The TouchPad screen is a little bit fingerprint friendly. As such a good protector or screen wipe is a necessary, particularly for the more sweaty geek fan.
Zagg’s Invisible Shields have been making appearances on iPhones and Android handsets for some time now and more than proved their protective capabilities. They are military grade tough and hardy enough to stop even the worst keys in same  pocket session.

Sticking Zagg stuff onto your TouchPad without air bubbles is not massively straightforward so we recommend picking up a pair and using the first one for practice. Get it right though and you will have a scratch proof and shiny HP tablet to enjoy. gadget insurance (From £2.13)

Touchpads have become sought after gadgets, with the rapid selling out of the fire sale making them highly desirable.
Sure you are more likely to lose an iPad than HP’s tablet oddity but getting it insured is worth it all the same. listed a TouchPad as £2.19 per month when insured for 0-£150. Those with multiple gadgetry can also add them to their policy, granting them a ten per cent discount.

This means should you drop/smash/lose or generally ruin your TouchPad it will in theory get replaced. Good luck finding a replacement however. At least you will be getting your money back or who knows, even an iPad 2 as a like for like (although we doubt it).

A subscription to Spotify (£10 per month)

There is plenty of memory to go round in the TouchPad and not very many apps to fill it with. As such we encourage you to cram the thing full of as much music as you can.
Make this easier by signing yourself up for a Spotify Premium subscription and storing as much music locally as possible.

Lucky WebOS users get a properly decent Spotify app and access to nearly all the functions found on both iOS and Android. Just remember though, it can be a fair bit of a battery drainer at the best of times.
Don’t forget as well that your new TouchPad has beats audio stuck inside. This means the tablet speakers put out a fair blast of decent quality noise, making Spotify well worth it.

Trinity Black protective case (£15) 

This reminds us quite a bit of the original iPad case in its foldable functionality. Either opt for keeping your TouchPad safe in an upright or flat position, making watching media or typing on the go a lot easier.

The Black approach to things also helps not interfere with the TouchPad’s smooth design and could even trick a few into thinking you are an iPad owner.
Ports and connectivity all have their own access holes as does the swipeable area below the TouchPad’s screen.

HP TouchPad International Travel Kit (£24)

Hey Mr TouchPad owner … look at how cool you are with your exclusive tablet. I bet your an international jetsetter and all round globetrotter. If you are (which is likely), then you will want this TouchPad travel kit, which is an exciting collection of plug-based electronic fun.

It means you can keep your TouchPad going in just about every country you visit, even say as far as the depths or the Australian outback.

Duracell PPS1 Pocket Charger (£3.45)

Imagine you are a super international traveller. So James Bond that even the furthest reaches of the outback are childs play for your adventuring. This is one for the Ranulph Fiennes among us that would take our TouchPad to the top of Everest if we could.

Portable chargers mean power wherever you go and this Duracell accessory will manage just about one full charge of your HP tablet. Good times if you plan on a bit of Spotify while crossing the north pole.

Overboard Multi Purpose Waterproof Case (£34)

Keeping gadgets dry, particularly something as rare as the TouchPad is vital. Any accidental toilet or bath dropping could result in unhappy face times for your new HP device.
We hold ours in such high regard that we personally keep it in an Overboard case 24/7, only taking it out to mop away some of the condensation trapped inside the bag. These waterproof sacks will mean you can swim the channel without worrying about getting your tablet moist.

The jumbo size of the case also allows you to stick the rest of your gadgetry in safety. Another decent use we discovered was if you are planning on keeping kids occupied with the TouchPad, as it prevents food/vom/juice or squashed bananas from incriminating your screen.

HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard (£30)

Typing on a touchscreen isn’t for everyone so some will likely want to opt for HP’s wireless keyboard, particularly if you picked up the TouchPad as a bit of a ‘my first tablet’.

The keyboard behaves like any normal computer QWERTY setup bar the extra special HP tablet-centric features. You can dim the screen, lock it, force the on-screen keyboard to pop up or even control music. It is a useful accessory and one that can transform your TouchPad into a nice mini computer for the kitchen. Not exactly sure why HP didn’t take the Apple approach and go for a stand and keyboard combo, perhaps they were afraid the TouchPad was going to get banned in Germany.

HP Pre 3 (£269)

You bought a TouchPad already so why not go all out WebOS and pick up a Pre 3 on the side. It means you get a tablet and phone Bluetooth friendship quite unlike any other. Calls and information can be shared between devices or you can take advantage of the super cool Touch to Share functionality.

Say you are about to run out the door but only want to bring your Pre 3 with you. Anything you are browsing on the TouchPad can be switched onto the phone by simply touching the tablets screen. This means instant info transfer in the coolest way possible.
Sure it might be a bit of a marketing gimmick but think about it it, £89 for a tablet and £269 for a phone, that is less than an iPad by itself.
Anything else you can think of the TouchPad could do with? Let us know!


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