Black Onyx Galaxy Note7 Shpiment Date Delayed In India


Samsung is overwhelmed with the response their latest flagship phablet the Galaxy Note7 has received. People all over the globe are going crazy over the phone. So much so that Samsung has even had to push back the release date in some regions and the shipping date in some to meed the demands. So far, there was no such new in India but if you plan on buying the Black Onyx variant of the device, we have some bad news for you.

Black Onyx

The Note7 starts shipping in India from 2nd September but if you plan to buy the Black Onyx variant of the device, shipping won’t start for you for another week. There is however no information about the shipping date for customers who have already pre-ordered.

A similar situation is currently prevalent in the US where the Coral Blue model of the device will begin shipping 3-4 weeks late than the regular colors.


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