News about a successor to the Xiaomi Mi-3 have been round for some time now, but there had been no developments regarding that lately. Not that we know of. But very recent, photos surfaced of the Xiaomi Mi-4 which suggest that Xiaomi had been at it all this while.


The blurred images, which are very poor in quality show round corners and thin bezels on the device.

Rumors claim the Mi-4 will be out with LTE connectivity, a metal body, a 16 MP shutter and a yet-unannounced quad-core processor along a Snapdragon 805 or 801 chipset. The device is also rumored to be carrying a larger-than 5″ display offering HD resolution.

Xiaomi has been doing pretty well in the Chinese smartphone market, recently selling 10,000 units of the RedMi Note. With sales records like these and good specs on it, the Mi-4 should be a hit among the masses.


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